Magnum Project

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Visiting my parents’ jobs have always been very important to me. I wondered why my parents would come home late and wondered the sense of place they worked in. I visited my dad’s job many times and I wanted to do the same for my mom. My mom works for a company called Mastec. Originally, my mom worked for a company called Speedwire but they were bought by Mastec. Mastec is a company which was founded in 1994 and focuses on engineering,¬†building, installation, upgrade of energy, etc. My mom works in one of their locations which she works in Doral, Florida. The building that my mom works in is very small. There are few rooms for offices and there is a warehouse. The warehouse holds many materials and equipment that the workers use . The warehouse may hold ladders,boxes, wires, etc. The employees were very nice and welcoming while I visited. They would always ask me how I was doing and ask me how was school which I felt was really great to feel safe and welcoming to their work of space. I visited so many times that they are already used to seeing me there. I am glad I got to really experience this particular location.


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